Sage Wand for Purification
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Sage Wand for Purification

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White Sage Incense Wands  A fresh warm, spicy, slightly herbaceous fragrance with a hint of camphor.  Many cultures along with American Indians have used sage for thousands of years in purification rituals. Burning sage is known as smudging.  Light the tip of the sage into a small flame with a cigarettes lighter and watch it go out, leaving you with the lit smoking embers.  With a bowl to catch the ashes underneath, gently smudge the smoke through the air in the spaces you will be smudging, by gently waving the sage smoke through the air    of the spaces that you choose.  Open a window a minute to help clear negativity.  Re- light as needed.

Enjoy the warming aroma and its essential oil benefits as you feel yourself start to relax.


We pride ourselves for making available white sage wands that are ethically sourced.  No humans or animals were harmed in the process.  The sage wand is fat and burns well. No toxic chemicals were involved in the process.


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If swallowed, get medical help immediately or contact a poison control center.

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