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Secret of Essence Bubble Baths

Natural Herbal Soap

Indulge yourself in a Secret of Essence Fragrance Bath

Taking a hot bubble bath after a long day is something that many people enjoy doing. It is a wonderful way to relax and feel better after something bad has happened. Some use bubble baths as a way of getting clean rather than taking a shower. But there are many more ways that you will benefit from this than just getting your body clean.

If you are someone that enjoys bubble baths, you are about to learn why you should continue to take them. If you are someone that doesn’t really believe that bubble baths are worth the time, be ready to have your mind changed!

Benefit #1: Relaxation

This is the best way that you will benefit from taking bubble baths. You will become so much more relaxed than you were before you got in. No matter what worry and stress is sitting on your chest, you can expect it to be lifted off when you slide into that tub. After a hard day at the office, you will feel so much better after letting your body sink down into the hot water. To make it more enjoyable, some like to play soft music or even read a book while in the tub.

Relaxing & Calming Recipe for Your Bath

To make your bath more relaxing, you can include some of the following enhancements:

  • Add a nice squirt of your favorite Nubian Heritage Body Wash with Essential Oils
  • Definitely have your favorite bar of Secret of Essence soap
  • Add a few drops of your favorite perfume oil
  • Add a few drops of sweet lavender, white amber, Egyptian musk or amber white oil
  • Warm your favorite wax buttons while you bathe
  • Light your most relaxing incense while you soak
  • Listen to some soothing music

The scent of these oils as they move in the water with your body will create an aroma that will make you feel as if you have not a care in the world. It’s a good way to heal your mind when you are feeling sad, stressed or angry. Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to make your mind feel better and less crowded. So, all in all.. Relaxation is a major health benefit that you will gain when you take a hot bubble bath.

Some other ways to make your bath more relaxing is by lighting a few candles and putting them in the bathroom with you. And it was mentioned before that playing soothing music while closing your eyes is a great way to relax in the tub as well. You should try to find bubble bath that has a scent that you truly enjoy and will make a comfortable amount of bubbles.

Benefit #2: Skin Care

Skin care maintenance is a very important part of your daily routine. Taking a hot bubble bath is a great way to take good care of your skin as it will leave your skin feeling softer. It will also add a lot of moisture to your skin! When your skin is soft, it makes it much easier to exfoliate. To exfoliate your skin when you are in the tub, you’ll need a few tools such as:

• Pumice stone

• Foot scrub

• Loofah sponge

You will use the loofah on your more rough patches of skin, for example, your elbows is a great place to use it. You will then use your foot scrub. You can find foot scrub to match the scent of your bubble bath and other scents. You should use the pumice on the balls of your feet where the hard skin develops. After you soak in the tub, be sure that you use moisturizer! Your skin is much more absorbent when it’s wet.

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