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Clearing the Air: Incense

There has long been lore and information surrounding the idea that our ancestors used incense to give a type of “sacrifice” or pleasant scent up to the Gods. They realized that when they burnt certain things, the aromatic scent would spiral upward in smoke towards the heavens. There’s a lot of speculation surrounding this theory, but it’s one of the most widely accepted ones. Incense remained valuable and popular for many years. Sage is making quite a comeback. Some believe with it’s air cleansing qualities, sage removes negative energy and negative spirits from their living spaces. At some points in history, Frankincense was even more valuable than gold or silver because of its intoxicating scent. Many revered these scents as gifts from the gods, representing “divine grace, blessings and abundance.” Incense is a tradition that is passed on by nearly all cultures – eastern, western, and all of those in between. As human beings, we enjoy utilizing our sense of smell to heighten our other senses and enjoy their effects, whether they be calming, energizing, or relaxing.


Modern Uses for Incense

Many religions still use incense in a worship setting. The modern Roman Catholic Church still uses them for ceremonial purposes. Buddhists and other common modern religions use incense as well. It’s retained its importance throughout the years. Incense is also used for aromatherapy or to “cleanse” the air in a room. Scents stick in your mind and help you remember things down the road. The smell of sugar cookies still transports many people back to Grandma’s kitchen. Incense works much the same way. It can be used to associated with other senses and feelings. Want to add some incense to your home? Check out our extensive incense options!

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